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About the US College Autism Project (US CAP)

Despite adequate cognitive ability for academic success in college, many individuals on the autism spectrum find post secondary education an insurmountable hill to climb. Often gaining admission without ever identifying themselves as individuals with autism/Asperger's Syndrome, these students go unnoticed by their professors until their sensory, social, learning styles and organizational challenge combine with fatigue and cause them to fail. Many students affected by autism spectrum disorders never finish college. As such, much more needs to be done to assist these individuals who have the potential to graduate from college but often fail because their needs are unidentified and their talents are under-supported.

To assist this rising population, US Autism & Asperger Association (USAAA) formed the US College Autism Project (US CAP) in August of 2010. Marlo Payne Thurman, MS was appointed director for the US CAP initiative and has formulated both the mission and vision for the project. Committed to sharing information, connecting resources, providing training, and facilitating consultation and advocacy services to meet the needs of college students on the autism spectrum, US CAP has listed its Goals for 2011.

USAAA, through the US CAP initiative, is creating an opportunity for individuals on the autism spectrum to have a successful college experience and to be prepared for post collegiate transitions.

Learn more about the US CAP uniquely tailored Curriculum where students on the spectrum come together with college staff, faculty, interested students, and supporting outside resources to not only learn more about all areas of the autism spectrum, but to be able to implement a program that will ultimately create an opportunity for individuals on the autism spectrum to have a successful college and transition to work experience. The curriculum also includes a program designed for students who are siblings, classmates, friends, or significant others to those individuals affected by autism spectrum disorders.

Visit the College Connections link. USAAA boasts a proud network of affiliated colleges and universities that employ some of the most world-renowned autism experts. Our speakers, staff, and board members alike are highly trained in the field of autism and many hold faculty positions in college and universities across the US.

The US CAP program bridges services between autism support experts, colleges or universities, and individuals on the spectrum through the recognition of a "recommended by” USAAA referral network. The network is being developed and affiliations should be listed in early 2012.

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