March 1, 2017

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- Israeli army sets sights on recruits with autism
- Pursuing The Things You Care About
- Do I HAVE to Sign the IEP?

- What is BioIndividual Nutrition?

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Israeli army sets sights on recruits with autism

from the BBC

The Israeli army has started a programme to give jobs to young people with autism.


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Pursuing The Things You Care About

Watch the USAAA SoundBites video from a previous presentation at a USAAA conference. Watch THE VIDEO, plus all USAAA SoundBites videos...
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Do I HAVE to Sign the IEP?


The federal special education law and regulations do not require a child’s parent to sign the IEP. Parents are required to give informed consent before the school can provide services in the initial IEP, but not subsequent IEPs.
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What is BioIndividual Nutrition?

by Julie Matthews, CNC

Food and nutrition affect the health, learning and behavior associated with many childhood disorders (and conditions outside of childhood). Because body and brain are connected, you can improve or eliminate symptoms of autism and ADHD by giving special attention to the food and nutrition children receive..
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Julie Matthews will be presenting at the USAAA 12th Annual World Conference and Expo in Portland, Oregon, August 25-27, 2017

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new beginnings nutritionals

great plains laboratory

Interventions and Therapies

"Our goal should be to help persons with autism understand and use their strengths to work around any presenting challenges so they, just like everyone else, has an equal chance at living a fulfilling and productive life".
- Stephen M. Shore, EdD (USAAA Advisory Board Member)

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