April 17, 2016


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Op - Ed
The Federal Government's Quiet War Against Adults with Autism

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Op - Ed
The Federal Government's Quiet War Against Adults with Autism

Though few are aware, a new policy threatens nationwide dismantling of autism - friendly adult programs and housing
by Jill Escher

As our society grapples with the dramatic surge of young adults disabled by autism aging out of school and into the vastly less supported real world, one would think every effort was being undertaken to expand programs and housing to address their serious and lifelong support needs.

"Creating a network of adult autism-friendly options is an inevitable imperative, as much as CMS staffers may prefer to dig their heads in the sand."

But as it turns out, precisely the opposite appears to be happening. And it stems from a quite intentional new federal policy. Even though the number-one concern of autism families is the availability of long-term care for their disabled adult children, few people seem to know about seismic shifts in the federal approach to funding that are poised to sharply restrict options.

What is happening here? And why don't you know about it?
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"By revising funding eligibility rules, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ("CMS") primary goal of new rules is to put the brakes on the creation of new residences and programs that cater specifically to adults with autism."



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"The overwhelming goal is to restrict out-of-home options."

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