DECEMBER 29, 2015

Whether you are a previous US Autism & Asperger Association supporter or are giving for the first time, thank you for your commitment to our mission.

There is a video I would like to share with you that we presented at the watch the vodeoUSAAA 2015 Annual World Conference. This short clip shows that with persistence, determination, and with purpose, almost anything can be possible.
Watch the video.

What you just saw was the culmination of many years of interventions and therapies both medical, biomedical and educational. But what was so amazing was the progression of this journey in such a short period of time. Change happens through determination, persistence, perseverance and purposefulness, firmness and courage.

We started our organization in 1995 that evolved into USAAA in 2005 with a very small group of parents with affected children. We have reached hundreds of thousands of parents, family members, professionals, and self-advocates through our programs.

We are launching a new initiative, "CLIMBING FOR AUTISM - Reaching New Heights", that will be introduced in 2016. Please help us support all of our programs and initiatives that include a team of world-renowned experts addressing the many questions and problems we confront daily, an Award winning website, the Annual conference, the USAAA WeeklyNews e-newsletter that began in 2005, Resources and Educational materials, Training and Consultation for professionals, USAAA-TV, Social media, plus much more.

Small donations of even $15 or $25 make great impacts on the lives of individuals affected by Autism and Asperger Syndrome. Larger donations (e.g. $250, $500, $1,000, etc.) make a very significant difference in helping support the many programs we offer. Please consider making a donation today.make a donation

Thanks for your support,

Lawrence P. Kaplan, PhD
Founder and Chairman


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