May 12, 2015

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Girl with autism kicked off airplane

An Oregon family traveling with a 15-year old girl with autism was kicked of a United airlines flight for what the airline calls "a disruptive situation." Carter Evans from CBS News reports.
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Speech-Language Pathologists Continuing Education

US Autism & Asperger Association is providing up to 1.95 ASHA CEUs at the 2015 USAAA World Conference July 30 - August 1 in Tucson, Arizona. (Other Associations up to 19.5 CEUs, NASW, AOTA).

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Sensory modulation disorder

marlo thurman"Children of higher intelligence take in more information than their peers of average cognitive ability. However, because the sensory skills of filtering, regulation and modulation mature with age, innately asynchronous sensory development in the gifted, twice-exceptional and high functioning autism and Asperger populations places our most intelligent youth at risk for academic, social and emotional problems." - Marlo P. Thurman, MS

Marlo will be presenting in three sessions during the 2015 USAAA World Conference July 30 - August 1 in Tucson, Arizona. "The Continuums of Autism: Cognition, Sensory Processing, and Behavior", "Conversations from the Nonverbal Side of Autism", and "Educators Questions Answered". Conference SCHEDULE...

Marlo Thurman is an adjunct faculty at the University of Northern Colorado and will be completing her PhD in 2015. Marlo is on the USAAA Advisory Board and has been the director for the US Autism & Asperger Association US College Autism Project initiative since 2010.

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