May 8, 2015

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Conference Registration Soars

Thank you to the hundreds of people that registered during the early bird registration period for the 2015 USAAA World Conference July 30 - August 1 in Tucson, Arizona. Register early to reserve your space at this year's conference. The best value conference package, for non-professionals, is only $110*/person for the entire 3 day conference.

The Loews Ventana Canyon Resort has opened additional rooms at the low rate of $95 so be sure to make your reservations early before they sell out.


*(Based on two people registering for the Full Conference Package with Companion for 2)

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Quotes from the Video

"Thousands of sights and sounds bombard me continually. During the day I hide my mind like an Ostrich hides his head in the sand."
- Sameer Dahar

"I was a parent in a conference for the very first time with a two year old that was just diagnosed with autism and I remember what it was like and it's overwhelming."
- Lori Knowles-Jimenez

"I just wish you all find something that you can entirely pour yourself into and that will keep you afloat." - Tim Page, DFA

"There are challenges to having autism or we wouldn't be here [at the USAAA conference] trying to figure it out. But just like with everybody else, we will be most successful using our strengths."
- Stephen M. Shore, EdD

"Sometimes you got to do work that maybe you don't really want to do."
- Temple Grandin, PhD

"Get comprehensive testing so you can address all the things that are holding your child back."
- William Shaw, PhD

"We will succeed beyond anyone's expectations and we will go farther than anyone ever thought we would."
- BrookeLynne Sanders


Teens With Autism Stretch, Grow And Laugh In Improv Classes At Second City

Some of America's funniest people have honed their craft at The Second City in Chicago. But it's not just professionals who can bloom with a little improv comedy. For the past two years, the iconic Chicago-based comedy theater/school has offered an improv comedy program aimed at teens with autism spectrum disorder.
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Reduce Aggressive Behavior with Rhythmic Entertainment Intervention

When I began my exploration of therapeutic drumming in 1983, I was fortunate to study with a teacher who showed me how to calm aggressive behavior with fast, complex drumming. This experience became important years later when we were doing a study with adults on the autism spectrum.
-Jeff Strong, Author, Different Drummer

Jeff Strong will be presenting, "DIFFERENT DRUMMER: One Man's Music and It's Impact on ADD, Anxiety, and Autism", at the 2015 USAAA World Conference July 30 - August 1 in Tucson, Arizona.

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