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June 12, 2014

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Autism Breakthrough: The Groundbreaking Method That Has Helped Families All Over the World

autism breakthrough bookAs a boy, Raun K. Kaufman was diagnosed by multiple experts as severely autistic, with an IQ below 30, and destined to spend his life in an institution. Years later, Raun graduated with a degree in Biomedical Ethics from Brown University and has become a passionate and articulate spokesperson for the autism community with no trace of his former condition.

So what happened?

Thanks to The Son-Rise Program, a revolutionary method created by his parents, Raun experienced a full recovery from autism. (His story was recounted in the best-selling book Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues and in the award-winning NBC television movie Son-Rise: A Miracle of Love.)

kaufmanIn Autism Breakthrough, Raun presents the ground-breaking principles behind the program that helped him and thousands of other families with special children. Autism, he explains, is frequently misunderstood as a behavioral disorder when, in fact, it is a social relational disorder. Raun explains what it feels like to be affected with autism and shows how and why The Son-Rise Program works.

"His voice is warm and fascinating, his experience is one that will bring confidence to families new to their diagnosis, or who may be struggling to find hope." - Library Journal

"I am a physician who treats thousands of children and adults with all types of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) from mild cases to those that are that are very severe. My own son is also living with autism. I highly recommend Raun Kaufman's new book Autism Breakthrough to all parents, to family members, and to practitioners of persons on the autism spectrum. It combines the scientifically validated therapies of The Son-Rise Program with an easy-to-read approach. I frequently refer our patients to The Son-Rise Program, and I have seen the objective improvements in my patients with my own eyes. It has also helped my own son and our family tremendously." - Phillip C. DeMio, MD, Chief Medical Officer, US Autism & Asperger Association

"With Autism Breakthrough, Raun K. Kaufman has done what few else in the field of autism treatment today would dream of doing. He has empowered parents to take charge again, given them real hope for positive change, and armed them with specific tools and techniques to make those hopes a reality for their children. " - Wendy Edwards, M.D., Pediatrician, B.Sc.N., F.R.C. P.

Raun K. Kaufman will be a featured presenter at this year's USAAA 9th Annual World Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, September 4-7, 2014.

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conference news update

USAAA 2014 World Conference
September 4-7, 2014



Over 30 of the world’s most respected researchers, practitioners, and education specialists in the Autism Spectrum Disorders community come to Kansas City, Missouri to share valuable resources for your child, family member, patient, friend, student, or yourself. Join us at the award winning Kansas City Marriott Country Club Plaza hotel September 4-7, 2014.


they are coming to kansas city

dr. demio
tim page
dr. herbert
Dr. Shore
Internationally recognized expert physician
Pulitzer Prize winner
and USC professor
Harvard professor - cutting edge of autism research
World renowned professor of special education

dr. shaw
raun kaufman
Dr. Hu
Dr. Kaplan
Researcher of the biochemical basis of autism
Subject of an award-winning NBC television movie
GWU Professor identifying new biological pathways
Chief investigator for first study on early diagnosis

Introducing for the first time:
Self-Advocates in a TEDx-style, short-form presentation with five presenters in combined one hour plenary session.

Special plenary sessions:
The Doctors and Researchers Q&A Panel Discussion
Ten Tips to Reduce Brain Overload by Martha Herbert, MD, PhD
Self-Advocacy - Challenges Throughout the Lifespan Panel with Tim Page, DFA, Pulitzer Prize winner and USC professor of music, communication and journalism; Stephen M. Shore, EdD, world renowned professor of special education at Adelphi University; Jennifer O'Toole, Founder of Asperkids and teacher; Raun Kaufman, subject of an award-winning NBC television movie; Christopher Gauthier, MFA, Assistant Professor of Art, Photography at Utah State University
Bringing It All Together. Plus more.

Medical/Biomedical track:
Biomedical Interventions: Treating the Underlying Causes of the Symptoms by Dr. Phillip C. Demio
The Detection and Treatment of the Most Common Biochemical Abnormalities in Autism by William Shaw, PhD
A Compelling Story of Recovery by Lori Knowles-Jimenez and Daniel Knowles
New Discoveries in the Underlying Pathobiology of Autism by Valerie Hu, PhD
Diagnosis of and Treatment for Disorders that are Comorbid with Autism by Ted Henderson, MD, PhD
Functional Imaging of the Brain - New Discoveries by J. Michael Uszler, MD
Nutrition and Cooking: Guidance for Beginners and Beyond by Julie Matthews, CNC. Plus much more.

School track:
Music, the Carrier Signal for Verbal Communication by world renowned professor of special education, Stephen M. Shore, EdD
New and Effective Interventions in Schools
Assessing and Teaching Functional Living Skills to Individuals of All Ages Using The AFLS™ by Jim Partington, PhD, BCBA
The Continuums of Autism: Cognition, Sensory Processing and Behavior by Marlo Payne Thurman, MS. Plus much more.

Other sessions:
10 Key Steps to Finding a Job and Keeping It

Parents Facing a Lifetime of Daunting Challenges Panel
Nutrition Workshop: Supplements, Kids, and Fun with your Blender

Support Services Panel (for support in Kansas and Missouri)
Improvements in Overall Behavior
Autism Breakthrough: Tantrums and Other Challenging Behaviors
Special exclusive interview with Tim Page. Plus more.

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Access to USAAA Newsletter Archive 2005 - 2014
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