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May 9, 2014

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Quote of the week - "Mama exhorted her children at every opportunity to 'jump at de sun.' We might not land on the sun, but at least we would get off the ground." —Zora Neale Hurston

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Challenges, progress part of daily life with autism

These moms know true love

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Women's Hormonal Health at Every Age

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Challenges, progress part of daily life with autism

Posted Mother's Day, May, 2012

boy autismMy son, Will, has autism. He's 9 years old, going on 10, and is a happy, affectionate child who loves music, dancing and video games. He talks, but he is delayed academically and socially and his motor is always on full throttle - which can be exhausting.

Today, on Mother's Day, I reflect on the constant challenges we face, on how far he's come and how lucky it is that I haven't had a nervous breakdown in the process.

Will is accepted there. It doesn't matter if my son doesn't stop at first base and runs all the way to home after he hits the ball. If only the whole world understood these children this well.

His diagnosis at 18 months old changed our lives in many ways. There's a huge learning curve in autism and almost everything has to be done differently - school, food, medical care, behavior management, community outings - everything. The key is preparation and planning, but even then, you never know what could happen.

I look back and think about when Will was 2 or 3 years old. He was living in his own world and not able to connect with others. He didn't talk. If you handed him a toy, he would throw it, preferring to watch the ceiling fan spin. He rarely slept through the night, often waking up in the wee hours totally energized and bouncing off the walls.


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These moms know true love

by Sandy Banks, Los Angeles Times
Posted May 9, 2009

Tears spilled down Gosnell's cheeks as she shared the story. "Her progress has been so astounding in the last seven months, and everybody agrees it's because I'm home working with her . . . . I've learned about patience and love and how to give myself to someone else."

Deedra Williams doesn't need breakfast in bed or a spa massage to celebrate Mother's Day tomorrow [May 10, 2009].

She received her gift last weekend [May, 2009] at a quiet Montecito retreat from 15 women who, like her, are mothers of children with disabilities.

They hiked eucalyptus-shaded hills, listened to music and made collages with pictures cut from magazines. They talked for hours about the challenges of mothering children who may never be able to walk or speak, to go off to college or get married.


"What I took away from this weekend," Williams said, "is acceptance."

"I thought I was an inadequate mother," recalled Lisa Hannifin, whose 4 1/2 -year-old son was diagnosed with autism. "I wondered 'Why am I so stressed out? Why can't I take my boy to the market?' Other kids sit in the cart and behave. There must be something very wrong with me."

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Women's Hormonal Health at Every Age

By Dr. Sherrill Sellman, ND

An ancient adage from Chinese medicine says, "A doctor would rather treat ten men than one woman." Chinese medicine validates what women have always known, we are indeed intricate creatures! Our hormones are in part responsible for this complexity. Their ebb and flow influence all aspects of a woman’s physical, emotional and mental well-being.

As we learn to listen to our bodies and adjust to the many changes experienced with each decade, we can gracefully dance through our transitions, savoring the gifts and wisdoms garnered from our journey through time.

When our hormones are in balance, they create a sense of inner well-being and vitality. This inner harmony may be experienced as painless menstrual cycles or a symptom-free menopause. However, if those inner rhythms are altered, hormonal havoc ensues. PMS can suddenly transform a reasonable woman into a screaming banshee!


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Cook-a-Long with Julie

cooking with JulieCertified Nutrition Consultant Julie Mathews shared some sensational recipes and professional advice for supporting a healthy diet in last year's Cook-a-Long with Julie Matthews that was produced by USAAA TV and Zenworks Productions. Julie cooked from her own kitchen delicious nutritious meals. The video was a live event July 23, 2013. Click here to watch the hour long video and Happy Mother's Day.


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