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June 22, 2012

Welcome to USAAA WeeklyNews, an email newsletter that addresses a range of topics on Autism Spectrum Disorders including Asperger's Syndrome.

Attention Professionals: Continuing Education at the USAAA World Conference

Important information for Professionals!
Continuing Education
at the USAAA World Conference
September 6-9, 2012
Denver, Colorado

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CME/CEU/CEC/CPEU/COA ACCREDITATION - Continuing education is offered throughout the entire conference for all professionals. Check with your state or national associations to ensure CEUs are accepted by your organization. Attendees may register to receive a Certificate of Attendance (COA), CEU certificate, CEC certificate, CPEU certificate or a CME certificate that is applicable to the corresponding association:

Featuring World Premiere Presentations:

  • Emergencies, Surgeries, and Anesthesia: Inside the Hospital From ER to Overnight Stays
  • Functional Imaging of the Brain: You'll Never See Autism the Same Way Again
  • An Exclusive Special "One on One" with Temple Grandin
  • New Discoveries in the Underlying Pathobiology of Autism
  • Autism: The Whole Picture is Bigger Than Any One Part
  • Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Autism and Asperger Interventions in the Schools
  • Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Autism and Asperger Interventions in the Community
  • Grateful for the Diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome; It Explained Everything
  • Behavioral Issues and New Approaches with ASD
  • A New Look at Prioritizing Interventions and Therapies
  • Building Relationships, Marriage, and Family in the Context of Autism Panel
  • DSM-5: Its Impact and Scope, Unveiling New Information
  • Advocacy and Combating Bullying Panel
  • Social Networking: 10 Lessons Learned from 25,000 Parents
  • Multimedia Social Skills Program for Children with Asperger's Syndrome (International Presentation)

Other Presentations Include:

  • Brain Plasticity and Executive Functioning
  • Vision: The Effects on Balance, Vestibular, Movement and Cognitive Function
  • Visual Social Thinking Strategies
  • Autism subtypes and the severity of neurological problems
  • Beneficial Interventions and Critical Health Challenges During the Lifespan
  • Engaging the individual with autism
  • Epigenetic Expression, RORA
  • Seizures and Mitochondrial Disorders
  • The Continuums of Autism: Cognition, Sensory Processing and Behavior
  • Strength and Interest-Based Learning: Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities
  • Nutrition and Cooking: Guidance for Beginners and Beyond
  • A Neuroplasticity-based Intervention for Home & Clinic
  • Autism 101
  • Fathers of Children with ASD Panel
  • Holistic Medicine: Effective Treatment with a Focus on Nutrition
  • Adults - Ongoing Services Throughout The Lifespan
  • A Journey of Pain, Suffering, Struggles, and Hope
  • Effects of Toxic Drugs and Chemicals on the Incidence and Severity of Autism
  • Assessing & Teaching Functional Living Skills of All Ages Using The AFLS™
  • Auditory Hypersensitivity and ASD: A Treatable Condition
  • Oral Health Care for the Dental Patient with Autism

And don't miss The Doctors and Researchers Q&A Panel Discussion on Friday, September 7. The panelists presenting in this workshop review cutting edge interventions and treatments as well as the latest research and discuss the most frequently asked questions associated with medicine, interventions, and research. The discussion will include the entire lifespan of the individual and transitioning into adulthood. And much more.

View the entire schedule
View the Abstracts and Learning Outcomes of each session


Pre-registration is highly recommended to ensure your space.


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Functional Imaging of the Brain

dr. hellersteinDr. J. Michael Uszler is Medical Director of the Nuclear Medicine Department at Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica, California, Assistant Clinical Professor of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology at UCLA, and Medical Director of As a board certified Nuclear Medicine physician, he has 3 decades of academic and clinical experience in hospital-based care, including 8 years at UCLA-Harbor General Hospital and 20 years as Medical Director of Nuclear Medicine at Santa Monica Hospital. Dr. Uszler is nationally recognized for his expertise of brain SPECT imaging of disorders such as Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Cerebral Palsy, ADD/ADHD, near-drowning, closed head trauma, toxic encephalopathy, stroke and dementia.

New information on the functioning of the brain of individuals with autism will be introduced for the first time.

Autism it is a medical condition which has areas of the brain under function or over function. You can see this for yourself on a brain SPECT scan. This way we look inside of the "world of autism". Our medical imaging tools look inside at how the parts of the brain are working in individuals affected by autism. We look directly inside the brain and combine the information from both internal and external methods. This evaluation helps you to decide the appropriate therapy path.

Dr. Uszler will discuss why Brain SPECT imaging is the appropriate effective imaging to use, rather than MRI or CT (CAT) scanning; how Brain SPECT scanning performed before and after therapies shows you effectiveness of interventions and treatments, both medical and behavioral; how co-morbidities can be recognized; and discuss Cerebral Hypoperfusion in individuals affected by autism.

Dr. Uszler will also discuss Cerebral Hypoperfusion in individuals affected by autism.

Dr. Uszler will present, "Functional Imaging of the Brain: You'll Never See Autism the Same Way Again", and will participate on "The Doctors and Researchers Q&A Panel Discussion" at the USAAA 2012 World Conference in Denver, Colorado September 6-9. Conference Schedule. Dr. Uszler serves on the US Autism & Asperger Association Advisory Board.


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"The greatest gift we received yet was attending the four-day USAAA conference last year. There I met my heroes and found mentors that gave me hope and expanded my paradigm."
- Sara McCarter, Mom to Magnus “the great”

"I have been attending medical conferences for over twenty-five years. My grandson is affected by autism, so I wanted to learn more about autism spectrum disorders as well as claim continuing medical education credits for my practice. The USAAA conference is the most organized and thorough conference I have ever attended, including all of the medical conferences I attended in the past."

— Dr. Robert B., physician who attended first USAAA conference


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