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Dear Friend:

To give more individuals with ASD an opportunity to achieve their fullest potential, please consider making a donation today. We are grateful to each of you who has made a gift this year to support USAAA. If you have not yet made your gift to USAAA, it's not too late.

With you gift today, your donation will directly support the programs at USAAA including:

  • USAAA conference and resources, boasting a proud network of speakers, staff and board members who are highly trained in the field of autism
  • Scholarships, for low income members of the autism community to attend the annual World Conference
  • USAAA WeeklyNews, an email newsletter that addresses a range of topics on Autism Spectrum Disorders including Asperger's Syndrome, reaching over fifty thousand people every week
  • Newsletter archive, featuring over seven years of USAAA WeeklyNews email newsletters
  • US College Autism Project (US CAP), creating an opportunity for individuals on the autism spectrum to have a successful college experience and to be prepared for post-collegiate transitions
  • Educational materials, including Conference Proceedings Manuals, DVDs and audio downloads
  • Training and Consultation for professionals, providing a uniquely tailored program that includes a curriculum to better meet the needs of individuals on the autism spectrum 
  • USAAA TV, providing live streaming of the annual USAAA World Conference and a video library. The USAAA 2010 World Conference became the first ever autism and Asperger conference to be streamed live in its entirety and was the most viewed autism conference in the world.
  • Support for local community events
  • Social media, including Facebook, Blogger, and YouTube
  • USAAA website, providing a vast amount of up-to-date information on Autism Spectrum Disorders with an extensive library of resources

Thank you for helping provide the opportunity for everyone with autism spectrum disorders to achieve their fullest potential.



Lawrence P. Kaplan, PhD
USAAA CEO and Founder

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