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July 27, 2011

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Seven Autism Providers One Mother Chose for Her Son

by Eric Peacock

mother and sonWhen Sharon Esch’s two-year old son Adam was diagnosed with autism, she threw herself into the process of finding the best providers to help him. She knew the importance of early intervention and hoped to get things lined up in a matter of weeks. After two years, lots of “trial and error”, and an unbelievable amount of red tape, Sharon architected a great team of providers to help Adam thrive. The seven key providers she formed as her team were a speech pathologist, an occupational therapist, a child psychiatrist specializing in autism, a dentist sensitive to the needs of a child affected by autism, an understanding and calm hairdresser for Adam, an inclusive gymnastics instructor, and a caring librarian at a toy lending library.

"It should be easy for parents of children with autism to find the best providers around to help them.

Like many parents of children affected by autism, Sharon started from scratch and built Adam’s “autism team” on her own. She pored over resources online and offline, “hounded” her state’s early intervention offices until she got basic services, tested and walked away from some providers, and fine-tuned the team as his developmental needs changed. Most frustrating was the knowledge that many other parents before her had gone through this same process – but there was no easy way to learn from their experience. Just like many of you, Sharon felt alone and had to re-invent the wheel. Sound familiar?

This is the inspiration behind MyAutismTeam.
is a free site for parents to connect and share recommendations and tips on local autism providers. It was launched in partnership with Autism Speaks, Parents Helping Parents and Easter Seals (and now includes a partnership with US Autism & Asperger Association). It has a simple belief: It should be easy for parents of children with autism to find the best providers around to help them.

Full Story.

eric peacock

About Eric Peacock - Co-Founder and General Manager of MyAutismTeam, Eric Peacock, will be speaking on the Support Services panel at the US Autism & Asperger Association (USAAA) 2011 World Conference in Seattle October 27-30 and would love to meet with parents, caregivers, health care practitioners, educators, individuals with autism, students, therapists, and others at the conference to hear your feedback about MyAutismTeam. MyAutismTeam will have an exhibitor booth throughout the course of the conference. Please stop by and meet Eric!

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