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US Autism & Asperger Association, Inc. September 29, 2008

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Autism Doc's claims led to witch hunt

Sep 28 2008 by Phil Doherty, Sunday Sun, UK

The man at the centre of the triple jab controversy has accused the Government of conducting a witch hunt against him.
Dr Andrew Wakefield has been pilloried by the medical establishment after he voiced fears 10 yeas ago the Measles Mumps and Rubella inoculation could cause autism in some kids it was given to.

“Bernadine Healy, the former head of the US National Institute for Health, admitted they had altered evidence on the epidemiological studies conducted by the US Government to suit the official line. She admitted the evidence both the US and UK relies on is useless.

Now working in the USA, he was called back to appear before a General Medical Council disciplinary hearing earlier this year to answer charges of serious professional misconduct.
Speaking for the first time since the hearing was adjourned in July, he said: “What the establishment does is throw stuff at you continuously and then tie you up for years with things like the GMC.

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Funding Autism Treatment Takes Resourcefulness and Determination

Posted on September 28th, 2008 by Michelle McFarland-McDaniels in All News, Medical News, Society and Culture, US News

Parents of children who have autism know it is important that they provide their children with early and intensive treatment in order to help them thrive and improve their long term outcomes.

Eliminate all unnecessary personal and household expenses.

Unfortunately, parents whose children who have autism also know all-too-well that the cost of intensive autism treatment—which could include specialized assessments and evaluations, instruction, therapies, interventions, diets, equipment, materials and treatment-related travel expenses—could easily overwhelm budgets, deplete savings and place a family on the brink of bankruptcy.

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Update: Midwestern Students & Peers Continue Autism Experiment

Dan Garcia, KAUZ, Wichita, TX

"This is a new beginning for any student with autism who has the chance to come here.

So far the program seems to be a success.

For many students with autism spectrum disorders- college isn't an option. But thanks to Midwestern State University's one of a kind autism support program for three students- college has become a reality.
"It's a big thing getting out of your comfort zone," says Samantha Spangler.

Three peer mentors live with the students in what they've named the initium house. "This program was meant to help them but they teach me everyday. It's very rewarding," says Kiper.

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Marshall program teaches independent living skills

Brittany Evans

Asperger syndrome, a type of autism, has drastic effects for those with the disorder and affects more people than those diagnosed, and Marshall University is working with people who have Asperger syndrome to educate those who don't.

Individuals with the disorder may have difficulty setting goals, planning and organizing. Academically, students are often distracted and become anxious during testing.

Students, faculty and members of the community met Wednesday with the college program for students with Asperger syndrome to discuss the syndrome and how to support students on campus who have it. It was the first of a three-series workshop about the syndrome.

"We're here to help students and the Marshall community to learn how to interact better with students who have Asperger syndrome," said Marc Ellison, coordinator for the college program for students with Asperger syndrome.

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Help for the Caregivers

The Sept. 18 [Washington, D.C.] Metro article "Court Gives Child Agency in D.C. 2 Weeks to Form Plan" made me think of my own situation and that of many others like me in the District. I am a grandmother raising my 4-year-old grandson, Isaiah, on my own.

I never thought that as a 50-year-old I would be raising children again. But I am the sole caregiver for Isaiah, who suffers from chronic lung disease and was recently diagnosed with autism. I love him dearly and am committed to taking care of him.

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Autism Doc's claims led to witch hunt

Funding Autism Treatment Takes Resourcefulness and Determination

Update: Midwestern Students & Peers Continue Autism Experiment

Marshall program teaches independent living skills

Help for the Caregivers

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