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US Autism & Asperger Association, Inc. December 30 , 2006

Welcome to USAAA Weekly News, an email newsletter that addresses a range of topics on Autism Spectrum Disorders and Asperger's Syndrome.

Seeing Autism from the INSIDE-OUT

Dr. Michael Uszler will discuss autism as an actual brain cell function disorder, not merely a behavioral, “mental” or learning disorder. Dr. Uszler will explain using brain SPECT imaging as the appropriate imaging method rather than using MRI or CT scanning. The imaging tools look inside at the regional brain function of autistic individuals.

Adoption and autism with Dr. Phillip C. DeMio;
Reactive Attachment Disorder

Dr. Phillip DeMio will address the topic adoption and autism. Dr. DeMio, a USAAA advisory board member and a DAN Practitioner, treats many autistic children who have been adopted. Many adoptees from foreign countries have multiple issues including double dose vaccinations. Dr. DeMio will also talk about Reactive Attachment Disorder and the biomedical methods he uses in treating this disorder.

USAAA 2nd Annual International Conference

USAAA will announce the location and details of the 2nd Annual International Conference that will be held in August, 2007.

The conference will build on one of the most comprehensive autism and Asperger conferences in North America held last August in Park City, Utah. Watch for the exciting news in the January editions of the USAAA WeeklyNews email newsletter.

Autism Vancouver Biennial Congress 2007

Autism Today, based in Canada, and USAAA bring Autism Vancouver Biennial Congress 2007 to Vancouver March 1-4, 2007. During January and February, we will feature 17 of the world's foremost autism experts speaking on topics covering Autism Spectrum Disorders Across the Lifespan. "Addressing the lifespan of autism spectrum disorders will be a key component to this year’s conference”, states Karen Simmons, Executive Director and Founder of Autism Today.  “Funding and support usually stop at the age of eighteen to twenty-two, but autism remains. This is a major challenge for parents and caregivers.”

Conference speakers will include: Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, Dr. Temple Grandin, Dr. William Shaw, Shannon Kenitz, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh, Dr. Phillip DeMio, Stan Kurtz, Dr. Lauren Underwood, Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen, Stephen Shore, Dr. Barry Prizant, Dr. Teresa Bolick, Dr. Diane Twachtman-Cullen and Julia Berle (mother of a recovered child). To register for the conference, click here.

Other featured stories in January

Beyond Guilt or Innocence, by Dennis Debbaudt
Beyond guilt or innocence, when a child or adolescent with an autism spectrum disorder has contact with criminal justice system professionals, measures will need to be taken to avoid misinterpreting behaviors and characteristics typical of those with autism, as evidence of guilt, indifference or lack of remorse.

Kids Count on Consistency, by Dan Coulter
If you’re a parent or a teacher, can your kids or students count on you? I mean, do you think about being consistent so they know what to expect?

Relative Carnitine Deficiency in Autism, Pauline A. Fillipek, et al.
A random retrospective chart review was conducted to document serum carnitine levels on 100 children with autism. The relative carnitine deficiency in these patients, accompanied by slight elevations in lactate and significant elevations in alanine and ammonia levels, is suggestive of mild mitochondrial dysfunction. It is hypothesized that a mitochondrial defect may be the origin of the carnitine deficiency in these autistic children.

Coming in January 2007 in USAAA WeeklyNews:

›Dr. Michael Uszler (Dr. Spectscan) - Seeing Autism from the INSIDE-OUT
›Adoption and autism with Dr. Phillip C. DeMio, plus Reactive Attachment Disorder
›USAAA 2nd Annual International Conference Announcement
› Speaker Spotlight for Autism Vancouver Biennial Congress 2007
›Other stories - Beyond Guilt or Innocence, by Dennis Debbaudt; Kids Count on Consistency, by Dan Coulter; Relative Carnitine Deficiency in Autism, Pauline A. Fillipek, et al., plus more.

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