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"Autism Education and Treatment: A Road to Wellness"

On October 27-30, the US Autism & Asperger Association launches its 6th annual world conference. After four days, you will leave armed with tools of practical protocols, valuable hope, and new resources for support for your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, patient, friend, student, or yourself.

Featuring over 30 of the world’s most respected autism experts, including: Eustacia Cutler, playwright, author, and mother of Temple Grandin; Stephen Shore, EdD, world-renowned lecturer and professor who overcame his autism challenges; Tim Page, Pulitzer Prize-winner, professor and author of Parallel Play, an autobiographical account of “Growing up with Undiagnosed Asperger’s”; Jerry Kartzinel, MD, a physician and NY Times best-selling author who has treated thousands of persons with ASD; Raun K. Kaufman, diagnosed as incurably autistic and the subject of an award-winning NBC television movie; and Elaine Hall, author, actor, and creator of the critically-acclaimed theater arts program, The Miracle Project.

The conference is organized by US Autism & Asperger Association in collaboration and supported by the Autism Society of Washington, Seattle Public Schools, State of Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, plus other local autism and Asperger groups and sponsors.

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eustacia cutlerKeynote Speaker - Eustacia Purves Cutler

Eustacia Cutler is the mother of four children. Her oldest child is Dr. Temple Grandin, who is one of the most accomplished and well-known adults with autism in the world. Temple's fascinating life was brought to the screen in 2010 in the HBO production full-length film, "Temple Grandin", which claimed seven Emmy Awards, including outstanding made for TV movie. Last year, British actress Julia Ormond presented Eustacia Cutler the 2010 Emmy Award she received for portraying her in the movie "Temple Grandin." The award was presented to Mrs. Cutler at a conference hosted by Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services in Los Angeles.

Click here to view all featured speakers and panelists.



Unprecedented conference format

US Autism & Asperger Association’s unprecedented conference format, introduced last year, will feature panel workshops in non-concurrent sessions in addition to the keynote addresses. Some of the world’s most renowned autism and Asperger experts will present new interventions and new research in both education and medicine.

“This 'conference of panels' features keynote presentations which segue into the themed panel workshops," said Lawrence P. Kaplan, PhD, CEO of USAAA. “This structure differs from the customary conference format of strictly individual presentations and concurrent sessions. As a result, attendees can focus on the area being presented rather than being overwhelmed by the choices of many simultaneous lectures."

Dr. Kaplan added, “The makeup of our panel workshops consists of four to five expert panelists that provide immediate answers to attendees questions. What makes this unique is that the immense amount of information is consolidated into workshop panels and individual presentations over the course of three and a half days." To view the conference schedule, click here.



Get the USAAA conference experience.

Beginning October 27, 2011, the US Autism & Asperger Association hosts its 6th annual world conference at the Holiday Inn Seatac International Airport. With world leading autism speakers and panelists, all non-concurrent sessions and panel workshops, the four day conference (Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon) is packed with information including the following sessions:

    • Father's of Children with ASD
    • Obstacles Into Opportunities: Turning Away From Closed Doors and Opening Up New Ones
    • Self Advocacy - Experiences, Perspectives, and Challenges
    • Beneficial Interventions and Critical Health Challenges in ASD
    • Autism Revolution: Breakthrough Strategies for Parents
    • Adjunct Therapies
    • Implementing Effective Interventions for the Acquisition of Verbal Behavior
    • The 7 Keys to Unlock Autism
    • Behavioral, Developmental, and Educational Interventions
    • Meet Temple Grandin's Mother - Coming to Terms with Expectations
    • Autism as a Symptom of Several Different Biological Entities
    • Nutrition and Wellness
    • The Needs for Adults with ASD and Preparing for the Future
    • Support Services
    • "One on One" with Eustacia Purves Cutler
    • The Siblings
    • Interactions Between Environment and Human Health
    • The Doctors Who Treat Autism Spectrum Disorders
    • Bringing it all together: Parent and Practitioner

"Throughout this conference, it is our hope that you'll find a balance of concepts and pragmatics, from current protocols to research, including medical, developmental, and behavioral realms, right down to tools that you can use immediately to begin or add to those needed for your journey." — Phillip C. DeMio, MD, parent


Immediate solutions.

When you walk away from the conference, you will be armed with tools, support, and empowerment.

Interventions and research
Learn about the newest and most up to date interventions, therapies, and research that help improve the quality of life of all individuals affected by ASD. View the schedule.
Sharing experiences
There isn't a better way to meet parents, physicians, and educators under one roof than at a USAAA conference. Parents, professionals, and educators share their experiences and tips.

Wide diversity of information, simplified.

By recognizing the highly individual and diverse nature of treatment and services, USAAA offers information and education that reflects a variety of views and practices regarding treatment and services to allow maximum choice and benefit for the ASD community.

Presentations and panel workshops cover a range of topics on interventions including medical interventions, behavioral/developmental therapies, adjunct therapies, plus much more. View the schedule to see all the topics covered.
Breaking news and the newest research will be introduced and presented at this year's conference. Studies include medical, nutritional, and behavioral topics.
Continuing Education
Continuing education is offered throughout the entire conference. Certificate of Attendance (COA) will be offered to all professionals. Learn more.

Panel Workshops
Exclusive to the USAAA conference are two of the panel workshops. First, in the Parent-Practitioner Open Panel Discussion™, you will have a chance to have one-on-one discussions with a panel of leading autism experts who are parents of children with autism. Second, in the Sibling Panel Discussion™, individuals with siblings on the autism spectrum will share their experiences and answer questions.


Expert guidance. Compassionate support.

The experts presenting at the conference include physicians, behaviorists, educators, researchers, speech pathologists, developmental specialists, psychologists, scientists, and individuals on the spectrum. View the speakers and panelists.

After the presentation
The presentation doesn't end after the speaker leaves the podium. Each speaker is happy to spend additional time with attendees to answer questions and share ideas.

"Our time is precious as parents, and as speakers our goal is to empower parents with the tools they’re going to need that give them the most benefit as they go forward with their children’s therapies."
Theresa K. Wrangham, parent, speaker

Your wish list of products and services, all in one place.

There’s much more to the USAAA conference than just the presentations and panel workshops. During the conference time is set aside for you to meet with our exhibitors and learn about their products and services that in many cases have dramatically improved the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorders. View the sponsors and exhibitors.

Resources at your fingertips
After you spend quality time listening to speakers talk about topics from nutrition to medicine to educational methods, you can step into the exhibit hall and find many of the same products and services you've been hearing about.
This conference would not be possible without the generous support from our sponsors and exhibitors. View our sponsors and exhibitors.

Seattle - Metronatural

The USAAA annual conference will be held in Seattle, Washington at the Holiday Inn Seatac International Airport, just minutes from Seatac International Airport with complimentary shuttle service to the hotel. Central Link Light Rail is walking distance to the hotel and is a forty minute scenic ride to downtown Seattle. light rail image

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"The USAAA conference was the best thing I have done in my search for autism education & resources! I learned so much in a few days and made so many contacts that would have taken me years to find out on my own. I feel so full of hope with the next step to take with my child! I feel empowered!"
— Betty, California, mother

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  For additional information and group registration, call Pat at 1-866-208-0207.
Pre-registration is highly recommended to ensure your space.


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